Tabernacle types and shadows

Tabernacle Shadows of the Better Sacrifices - C.T. Russell, originally 1881
A concise examination of Israel's tabernacle sacrifices explains how they symbolically point to the work of Jesus and his followers. Last issued in 1915.

Tabernacle Graphics - Edmund M. Jezuit, 1917 - 2008
Place among the Tribes; Furniture and Coverings; Life in the Holy;
Light in the Holy Place; Wilderness Journey

The Tabernacle of Israel in the Desert - James Strong, 1888

Wilderness Wanderings - Anton Frey: Lessons from Israel in the wilderness.

Anton Frey - Notes on the Tabernacle

Leviticus 8, 9 and 16 A features comparison table of three chapters

The Red Heifer - Bob Gray
Lessons from the Ancient Worthies for us and mankind.

The Rites of Atonement - Type and Antitype. Julian T. Gray 1969
Also included is a textual analysis of Hebrews 9:1-4

Before the Temple - A Tabernacale - Purpose and symbolism

God's Precious Jewels - Frederick Lardent
Published in London between 1925-1935
Jewels in the breastplate compared to God's people

Tabernacle cubit scale - Graphic marking history scale of 1 year = 1/25 cubit (Zoom for greater detail)

Tabernacle Graphics  - Portland Bible Gallery
Click on each for zoom and comments