Prophetic Perspectives

"About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up, who will turn their attention to the prophecies, in the midst of much clamor and opposition." Sir Isaac Newton

Prophetic Timeline - Ric Cunningham
Compiled as an outgrowth of personal studies and collaboration with other Bible Students.
Israel, World, Church, Great Company, Christendom are color coded & display with each page.

All the Prophets - Wilf McNee, Canada 1948
A list of 24 prophets with reference to Acts 3:21

Jacob's Trouble - Albert O. Hudson, England 1968
Gog and Magog at the End of the Age. An exposition of Ezekiel 38/39

Zechariah, Prophet of Restoration - Albert O. Hudson, England 1970
The prophet and the book

Not by Power nor by Might - Julius Bednarz
A prophetic and practical explanation of Zechariah chapter 4

Vessels Returned from Babylon - Julian T. Gray, 1964
Their number and significance with the Jubilees (Ezra 1:7-11)

Handwriting on the Wall - Its Hidden Meaning, Julian T. Gray 1968
Daniel 5:25-28 A study of the prophetic weights and measures for 2520 years of the Gentile times.

A Little Horn - Jerry Leslie
A consideration of the Beast, horns and little horn of Daniel 7

The Time of the End - Bob Gray, 2005
A verse by verse analysis of Daniel 11 in the context of the book of Daniel, history and prophecy

Daniel 11:1-19 in History - Gail Grabner, 2016
Documenting prophetic fulfillment on the pages of history. Appendices with tabular chronology and events. - Codex Sinaiticus Project
An international collaboration to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience.
Digital photography of the leaves of Codex Sinaiticus is central to the Project's virtual reunification of the manuscript.
Select the MANUSCRIPT tab to choose a passage. Zoom or pan the original, review the Greek Transcription and Translation.

Sinaitic - H.A. Livermore, Translation of Revelation from the Sinaitic Manuscript with annotations by John Meggison

Notes on the Revelation of Jesus Christ - Anton C. Frey, 1895 - 1987
These notes are a compilation of all that C.T. Russell wrote on the subject.
Where Brother Russell has given no specific thought, Anton Frey supplied what seemed to him to be harmonious. 252 Pages.

Revelation Interpreted - Eugene Burns, 2001
A verse by verse rendering of Revelation with bracketed interpretation and application of each.
Includes an extensive Appendix with questions, answers, symbols, interpretations and glossary.

Revelation Topical Study - Eugene Burns, 2001
Expanded lessons on the various visions of John the Revelator. Detailed explanations, history, explanations and graphics. Eugene Burns often used these subjects for Bible Student lessons.

Revelation Simplified - New Albany-Louisville Bible Students Ecclesia, 2013
Designed to make Revelation approachable in the form of a paraphrase and narrative. 220 pages

Revelation Notebook - New Albany-Louisville Bible Students Ecclesia, 2015
In-depth topical approach to Revelation. Includes charts, tables, glossary, indices. 494 pages

Seven Churches of Revelation - Charles Redeker
Their placement on the stream of time, the messages and messengers

Opening of the Seven Seals - Levi Jacobs
Transcript of a discourse in the 1960s regarding Revelation 5-7

Trumpets and Seals of Revelation - Chester Sundbom, Revelation 6-11

The Beast and his Image - Chester Sundbom
A study from Daniel and Revelation

Sabbath and Millennium - Jerry Leslie
An examination of the venerable tradition connection of the Sabbath system with the Millennium

Restitution - Has Begun. Objections and Replies. Portions quoted from Arthur Newell's notes

The Second Advent - Morton Edgar, Scotland
Prophecy, object and manner of Christ's second advent

Concept Proofs of the Second Presence - Kenneth Rawson
Time and character of the first advent and second advent parallels

Advent Definitions
Greek and Hebrew words relating to Christ's personal return

Sand of the Seashore - Bob Gray
Abrahamic Covenant with natural and spiritual Israel, channel of blessing, New Covenant.

Cyrus and Christ - Donald Holliday, England
Type and Antitype, Christ's second Advent

Retrospective Wisdom - Donald Holliday, England
Lessons from Cyrus, Babylon, Moses, Daniel and Israel for our times

The Times of Harvest - Donald Holliday, England
The pattern of events in past and present harvests