Israel in History and Prophecy

Isaiah 49:6 I will also give thee for a light of the nations, that My salvation may be unto the end of the earth.

Time Line - Chronology of Jewish History.
Notable events from Abraham to 2008

Berlin  Congress - 13 June - 13 July 1878
1878 Berlin Congress of nations effect on Palestine

Turning Point - What did the Berlin Congress accomplish and why was it significant?
1878 marked a turning point for Israel

Jewish Hopes - C.T. Russell 1910. Jerusalem Prospects for God's Chosen People
A 10 meg PDF file. Booklet published by the International Bible Students in 1910 containing an epitome of the teaching of Charles Taze Russell on the restoration of Israel (Zionism). It also contains the text of the 1910 Hippodrome speech on Jewish Hopes.

Balfour Declaration - November 2, 1917

Balfour Supporters - The Jewish fig tree put forth leaves and budded with the 1878 Berlin Congress and friendships between Montefiore, Disraeli, Rothschild, Balfour and Weizmann.

Genesis of the Balfour Declaration - Biot Report #394: September 01, 2006
History of the British involvement in the Jewish-Zionist-Palestine questions from the 1880s and formative factors in the Declaration.

Embrace your Jewish Heritage - Kenneth Rawson
Challenge for Jews to embrace their heritage

Restoraton of Israel - Morton Edgar
With questions and answers

Patterns for the Last Days - Donald Holliday, England
A series of prophetic lessons for Israel and the end-times from the lives of
Jacob, Joseph, Jeremiah, Balaam, Cyrus and Esther.

Biblical Title Deeds of Israel
Map with scriptural notations of borders and boundaries

Israel's History - Photo Archives
Libraries and archives around the world began digitizing thousands of photographic treasures from the Holy Land and made the available online. Many photos are over 100 years old showing the history of the Land of Israel in the last century.
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Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive - Founded by Hebrew University historians.
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The Archive includes lectures, film research, preservation of films in danger of decay, offering distribution, digitization and accessibility.

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
The Israel Museum welcomes you to the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project,

allowing users to examine and explore these most ancient manuscripts from Second Temple times at a level of detail never before possible. Developed in partnership with Google, the new website gives users access to searchable, fast-loading, high-resolution images of the scrolls, as well as short explanatory videos and background information on the texts and their history.
        The five Dead Sea Scrolls that have been digitized thus far include the Great Isaiah Scroll, the Community Rule Scroll, the Commentary on Habakkuk Scroll, the Temple Scroll, and the War Scroll, with search queries on sending users directly to the online scrolls. In addition, the Great Isaiah Scroll may be searched by column, chapter, and verse, and is accompanied by an English translation tool and by an option for users to submit translations of verses in their own languages.

Joseph Rabinowitz — 1886 Autobiography followed by a Yale Review of his Baptism in 1885
1837 - 1899 Rabinowitz was the founder and prime moving force behind the Jesus-believing Jewish community,
"The Israelites of the New Covenant" in Kishinev which flourished in the mid-1800's.
See also: "Joseph Rabinowitz and the Messianic Movement" by Kai Kjaer-Hansen,
ISBN 10: 080280859X or 13: 9780802808592

Notice a treatment of his work in "Studies in the Scriptures" volume 3, pages 279-285
Pastor Ruissell met with him in 1891 and 1893

Judith Feld Carr - A modern day Raul Wallenberg. Read her story and be inspired.
Born in Canada 1938, known for secretly smuggling thousands of Jews out of Syria over a period of 28 years.

"NIGHT" - Elie Wiesel, 1928 - 2016
ISBN: 10:0-374-39997-2 or 10:0-374-50001-0
Nobel masterpiece autobiographical account of survival through Auschwitz, Buna, Birkenau Buchenwald.
Born in Sighet Romania, deported with the Jewish community with vivid memories of the holocaust, lest other generations ever forget.
His heart yearning questions are answered only with the Biblical promise of a resurrection of all the dead and blessing with the seed of Abraham.
If you are unable to locate the book, we can supply you a copy.