Notable Articles and Treatises

Psalm 145:11 They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom and talk of thy power

John Meggison - Notes from his Bible

Food for Thinking Christians – C.T. Russell 1881. His first composite publication of the major elements of the Plan of the Ages and introducing the Chart of the Ages for the thinking and reasoning Christian community.

Chart of the Ages – C.T. Russell. History of Biblical charts before the "Chart of the Ages" and after its design and introduction by Pastor Russell.
High resolution scans of original "Chart of the Ages" published between 1881 and 1916.

Three Discourses on the Divine Plan – I.B.S.A. - 1916
Outlines of the Divine Plan of the Ages on the Chart of the Ages.
Designed with thoughts for public preaching by the aid of the "Chart of the Ages."
48 pages. Full scan of the booklet with searchable text.

Epitome of the Faith – Once Delivered unto the Saints - 1907
"Instructor's Guide" Part II of the "Berean Bible Teachers' Manual" for the Assistance of Bible Students compiled by G. W. Seibert.
Biblical topics assembled with helpful references.

Through the Volumes in a Year
PDF document containing a daily reading schedule for completing the Six Volumes of Studies in the Scriptures in a year.

Notitia Bibliographica - Eric Patterson - 2011
Bibliography and Biographical notations for Volume 2, "The Time is at Hand" Chapter 9, "The "Man of Sin." Here is a comprehensive review of cited and uncited resources used by Pastor Russell with expanded backgrounds and quotations from each source.
This 2011 edition is in process of updating some text and the addition of another appendix. Contact Eric for availability and copies.

Thy Word is Truth - This is a composite of three booklets printed between 1905 and 1908.
They were used as handy references for colporteurs and Bible Students. This version contains proper Reprint references and typographic corrections as well as a navigation index while retaining the format of the originals.

El Shaddai - Allan Ross, 2013
A lesson on the names of The Almighty and the special significance of "El Shaddai"

The Doctrine of Christ - Compiled by Eugene Burns, 1997
A Scriptural and Historical Examination of the Trinity.
Provides views of the early church Fathers and church councils.Through time this “doctrine of Christ” has developed into a theology meaning something different from that which was held by John and the entire early Church.
Chapters, Sections, Appendix, Endnotes and References are clearly bookmarked.

Passover - Anton Frey: "Notes on the Passover and the Memorial."
Solomon - Anton Frey: "Notes on the Song of Solomon."
Wilderness Wanderings - Anton Frey: "Our Wilderness Wanderings", lessons from Israel in the wilderness.
See his biography in the Lives and Chronicles section.

Last Week - The Last week of our Lord's life with scriptures and reprint articles for each day fully printed out.

Memorial Meditations - A compilation of the writings of Charles Taze Russell on the subject of The Memorial of our Lord's death

The Gospel in the Heavens - H.A. Livermore, 1919. An early study in astronomy and scripture.

A Night in the Temple - Alfred Edersheim, 1874
A watch in the night for the High Priest and under priests

Fear - Conrad Binkele
A study on fear with some history, experiences and siftings

Vision of Present Truth - Michael R. Nekora, 1933 - 2011
Presented at the International Convention in Miskolc Hungary in 1998. It considers the mission and message of C. T. Russell.
It is part of a collection of 48 lessons between 1963 and 2002 that he assembled "for Sharing."
These are available in the original typed format and indexed by subject at 48Discourses

The Curse of Ham - Is not found in the Bible
A study of the genealogy of Ham and an examination of the history of slavery

The Garden of Eden - Albert O. Hudson, England written 1959-1960
An examination of the story of Adam and Eve

The Story of the Deluge - Albert O. Hudson, England written 1974-1976
Biblical, geological and historical account of Noah, the ark and the deluge.

After the Flood - Albert O. Hudson, England written 1984-1986
History, archaeology and symbolisim upon entering the new world.

King David of Israel - Albert O. Hudson, England written 1982-1984
The life and times of a man after God's own heart and a fitting symbol of a greater throne.

Ezekiel's Vision of a New Temple - Edmund Jezuit
An examination of various features of the vision and how it beautifully portrays the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

2 Corinthians 3:18 - Morton Edgar on "Unveiled Face"
Includes transcript and graphics of original text.

Our Lord's Brethren - C. G. R.
An examination of Jesus' family relationships.

Rotherham Appendix - Joseph Rotherham Appendix to the Emphasized Bible 1902
Rotherham assented to many elements of Present Truth and here adds substantial supporting evidences.

Rotherham Notes - More notes by Rotherham on:
The Incommunicable Name, Destruction of the Canaanite Nations, Genealogy of Ruth and Boaz, Notes on the Psalms.


How WWI changed the world - Fareed Zakaria, CNN broadcast, October 3, 2010 (3-minute Audio-Video MP4)
World War I ended nearly 100 years ago at the Treaty of Versailles. Actually the books have just closed with Germany's final reparations payment. The Treaty did end the fighting, but it didn't end the war.
The war caused the collapse of many empires with consequences that continue to haunt us today.

Stone Cut Out of the Mountain Without Hands - William A. Baker - Chicago, May 9, 1947 (Audio MP3)
A prophetic survey of events following the years after 1914.
(Quotes given at 27 minutes & 35 seconds into the recording are from: volume three page 58 and volume two page 356)

Sanctification - William A. Baker, Nov. 26, 1961 (Audio MP3)
Last discourse before he died in December

The Judgment is Set and the Books are Open - W. A. Baker, 1959 (Audio - MP3)
Confirming the chronology and prophecy. New Brunswick, N.J.

Blessed is he that cometh to the 1335 days - William A. Baker (Audio MP3)
Prophecies of Daniel 12 fulfilled

Cleansing the Sanctuary - William A. Baker (Audio MP3)
Prophecies of Daniel 8-9 explained

A Lone Sparrow - Eugene Burns, 1985 Piqua Ohio (Audio MP3)
From Psalm 102:7, A prayer of the afflicted

Justification-Was Pastor Russell Mistaken? - Ted Smith
The case for tentative justification