Great Pyramid in Time and Prophecy

Job 38:5-6 Who hath laid the measures thereof … who laid the corner-stone thereof ?

Great Pyramid Passages — Morton Edgar, 1923-1924 editions
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Three books include Symbolism, Time Features and Scientific Features. These along with a 1929 discourse exceed 1000 pages.
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Great Pyramid Passages Vol. II — John and Morton Edgar, 1913.
Symbolically and by measurement corroborates the philosophy and prophetic times and seasons of the Divine Plan of the Ages.

Passage System of the Great Pyramid — Morton Edgar, 1920s.
A unique color chart originally printed 53" X 36" on cloth with 9 insets of the juncture details. Scales, angles and dimensions are included at the bottom. Morton moved from Regent Street to Aytoun Road in 1931.
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Pyramid with Chart — of the Ages overlaid
With a schematic of Plan of the Ages in reverse direction.
Letter notations in Red correspond to the Plan Chart.
Page 2 has an index of the symbolisms and explanations

The Great Pyramid and the Bible — Morton Edgar, 1943. 50 pages
This is a chapter from "Gleanings from Glasgow".
Available at:

Photography at the Great Pyramid — C. Piazzi Smyth, 1870
Compared with the Ordnance Survey Establishment

Nature Magazine — November 2000
A secular but serious review of: Ancient Egyptian chronology and the astronomical orientation of pyramids

Grand Gallery — Jerry Leslie (PDF 25meg)
The Grand Gallery has often been photographed, but seldom has its ceiling been photographed. This PDF has a composite photo of the entire ceiling with a count of its overlappings and wall layers. Allow time (depending on your Internet speed) for opening this large file.

Pyramid Coffer — Brian Kutscher
Comparison of Pyramid Coffer and Tabernacle Ark capacities.

New Measures of the Great Pyramid — Piazzi Smyth, in 1884
This is a 10 meg PDF version of the Smyth book with Edgar notes.

Ancient Wonder - Modern Mystery
— Todd Alexander
Introduction to the construction, scientific and spiritual features of the Great Pyramid

On the Orientation of Pyramids — Otto Neugebauer 1980
(mathematician and science historian)
Various technical reservations have been raised regarding Neugebauer's suggestion, yet numerous variations of his basic idea prevail among researchers. The orientation of the Great Pyramid confirms it's well-planned design. Each of its four sides precisely face the four points of the compass with only a one-twelfth degree of variation, which has been explained by the gradual movement of the earth's axis rather than any mistake on the part of the designer. The marvel remains in the Mind of the Master Architect.

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