Histories and Tributes

Malachi 3:16 ... and a book of remembrance was written before Him, for them that feared the LORD

Russell family tree — Map of the Joseph Lytle Russell family
with marriages, siblings, children and dates connecting with Charles T. Russell.

Margaret Russell Land Testimony — Niagara Falls Labor Day Convention 1907
By Pastor Russell's natural sister regarding their early life.

The Rich Young Man Whom Jesus Loved — and Another Rich Young Man
Memorial Address for Pastor Russell. Delivered November 5, 1916 in St. Paul, MN.
by W. H. Bradford, an Elder in the St. Paul Ecclesia.

Bible Students — Pastor Russell founded the Bible Students,
not Jehovah’s Witnesses. Copyright 2010 Kenneth Rawson.

Our Temple — IBSA Chicago Photo album, 1914
This 1914 photo album was produced as a souvenir of the Globe Theater acquired by the Chicago Bible Students to first show the Photo Drama of Creation and a tribute to Pastor Russell on his part in the endeavor.
The Album was scanned at a high resolution to retain the details of the photos and then somewhat reduced for the PDF format, which is still 42 Megabytes.
Pages may be zoomed to various magnification levels to examine the details. The album was laid out with photos and text pages. They can be viewed with any Internet browser. However the look and feel of the original is best viewed when downloaded and viewed with a separate PDF reader. A setting to display 2 pages side-by-side will allow pages 24-25 to properly display a single wide photo that was spread across two pages.

Chicago Bible Students — Irving Foss
How they broke away from the Watch Tower Society in 1933

Bible Students Newsletter — 1972 - 1997 Special Anniversary Edition
Articles that have brought to the Lord's people new opportunities for service, new technologies
for communicating and for public witness, and new discoveries of brethren in foreign lands.
Use your PDF reader to arrange your screen or change the zoom level for convenient viewing.
Use the Bookmarks side panel to open various sections. Use the [+] to expand sub sections.
The document may be searched for key words or phrases. Enjoy a look backward in time!
        See all the other issues at: www.biblestudentsnewsletter.com
        Access with User: Brethren and Pswd: Parousia@**** (year of second advent).

The Harvest in France — Adolphe Debski, 2003
A history of the Bible Student movement in France

The Harvest in Belgium — Compiled and written by Brother Emile Wlodarski assisted by Brother Adolphe Debski.
A history of the Bible Students in Belgium from about 1901.

Eugene Dowhan — Ukraine, 1928 - 2021. Personal reflections from his life in Ukraine
Here is a brief testimony from his life in Ukraine that invites us to explore the deeper providences that eye has not seen nor ear heard.
It inspires faith to follow after the example of those who have endured and gone before us.

Ukraine — Memoirs of Sister Maria Kravetc
A short history of Bible Students in Ukraine

West Meets East in Romania — Bible Students Newsletter supplement
First meeting with the Bible Students in Romania in August 1990

The Sky Through Bars — Ligia Brie, published 2001 in Romania
Follows the history of the Bible Student movement in Romania beginning in 1911
with personal interviews and testimonies.

Moldova Memories — Interview with Lida Ceban and Gheorghe Bivol in Moldova, 2011
A history of Bible Students in Moldova

Italy — Bible Student origins in Italy

India — Early Bible Student history in India. From 1910 - 1911 with photos.

Bible Students in Australia — 1893 – 2006 by David Simkin. Photos and graphics.

The Bible Student Movement — Bible Student History in the Days of C. T. Russell (compiled by James Parkinson)
This is marked as preliminary, indicating ongoing research and it continues to have updates.
Includes: Modest beginnings, Zion's Watch Tower, Doctrinal Origins, Organization, Publications, Foreign work and much more.
Appendixes include early writings, accusations, relatives and indexes of names, places and dates.

Troubled Waters — (1917-1967) Bible Student Fragments after C. T. Russell (compiled by James Parkinson)
This document is marked as preliminary, indicating ongoing research and it continues to have updates.
WT organizational changes are traced after the death of Pastor Russell, particularly in the Watch Tower during 1917-1919.
Various directions and groups are traced for Bible Students after revisions in the WT organization.
Numerous people, places and dates are well documented.

Stand Fast History — August Swanson, 1936 Including the Elijah Voice Society.

Stand Fast & Elijah Voice Images — Photos, facimiles and publicatioins.

A Review — of Bible Student history from 1916 to 1937, Isaac Hoskins
As appearing in the January 1955 issue of Watchers of the Morning

Lest We Forget — Lawrence Kirkham, 2002
A brief history of the Bible Student movement since Pastor Russell's death

Looking Through My Window — Eugene Burns, 2002
A personal view and review of the life and times of Pastor Russell and the Bible Student movement and activities after his death.
If you heard the recording, you may find some special gems in this text version that had not time in the audio presentation.

Bible Student History 1916-2004 — Ken Rawson, 2004
These 15 pages were a hand-out accompanying his discourse at the Indiana/Ohio Convention on July 18.
Here is a history of the Bible Students beginning with the year of Pastor Russell's death.
From Ken's earliest memories and years of personal contact with those who knew the events and his personal experiences.
Unless we learn from the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them.

1915 Bible Student Conventions — Supplement Souvenir notes
This is a transcript of lessons presented by Pastor Russell in Springfield Massachusetts, Portland Maine, Canada and Hershey Pennsylvania. Included is the Foreword page by L. W. Jones.
(These 13 lessons were not included in the Chicago publication of "Convention Report Sermons")

Lecture notes in 1915 were taken with shorthand by a stenographer. Later these were set to type.
So the transcript, spelling, grammar and composition is that of the publisher: L W. Jones M.D.
This differs in style from formally composed materials issued directly from Pastor Russell.
Yet here are some special perspectives: The first "Great War" had already begun.
It was just the year before the death of Pastor Russell.

Seattle Convention Report — September 14-17, 1916
The last convention Pastor Russell attended in Seattle before his death in October.
Included are last photos of Pastor Russell and him in transit to the convention.
This report came too late to be included in the annual reports assembled by L. W. Jones.

It was estimated that 4,500 attended this public lecture by Pastor Russell.
Notice the last pages with a review from a news editor.

Dallas Texas — 22 October 1916, Discourse given by Pastor Russell 9 days before his death.
1 John 2:1 "We Have an Advocate" reported in a newspaper article.

Galveston Texas — 23 October 1916, Discourse given by Pastor Russell 8 days before his death.
Luke 21:28 "When Ye See These Things" transcribed by Menta Sturgeon along with other of his journal notes regarding Pastor Russell's final journey. This is the last delivered discourse of which we have any record before his death.

San Diego — 29 October 1916.
This discourse by Pastor Russell was scheduled for San Diego on October 29 and so released to the press syndicates before his journey. However, due to deteriorating health, this schedule was cancelled and not delivered by him. After a private service in Los Angeles, he departed on the 6:30 October 29 train and died less than 48 hours later. Some papers carried the discourse not hearing of his death till later.

1929—1936 Reunion Conventions — Pittsburgh Souvenir Covers and Introductions

Symposium Memories — First Reunion Convention, Pittsburgh 1929
~Seven Brethren, using about 10 minutes each to tell something concerning their
  experiences while associated with Brother Russell in the spread of the Truth.
  William Hollister, Alfred Ritchie, Leslie Jones, Robert Hollister, Eward Thomson,
  Silas Arnold, Conrad Kuehn.
Brother Russell's Service to Humanity — George Kendall, 1929
Where God Delights to Dwell — Louis F. Zink, 1929
~Discourse on Psalm 132:11-14 A city called Jehovah Shama
What Saith the Spirit unto the Churches? — 1929 Isaac Hoskins, 1929
~A voice of conscience, experience and direction
Our Association Together — 1929 Reprinted article from 1928
~Formation, objects and purposes of the Pastoral Bible Institute

The Truth Assailed — Allen Saphore, 1930
The Truth and What it Means to Us — W. Norman Woodworth, 1930
~The lesson concludes with some of his noteworthy personal experiences in 1930
Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem — Irving Foss, 1934
~The work of Nehemiah with prophetic indications and lessons for our times.
Heartiness in the Lord's Service — Ingram I. Margeson, 1934
Christian Fidelity — Julian T. Gray, 1934
Carnal Weapons vs. Christian Weapons — Chester A. Sundbom, 1936

Desolations of the Sanctuary — Emil and Otto Sadlack, 1928—1930, 320 pages
Written by Bible Students to the consecrated.
It tells the story how J. F. Rutherford took over the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.
This is a well researched and documented critique and indictment of an organization that changed in spirit and doctrine after 1916.
The PDF is bookmarked for navigation to the various sections and is searchable.
If downloaded, the file will open with two open pages.
This can be changed or zoomed for any readable preference.

Where Else But Pittsburgh — 1958 Published to celebrate the Pittsburgh Bicentennial by George Swetnam.
Here is one chapter dedicated to the history of Charles Taze Russell.

Light After Darkness — September 1917
Facts for Shareholders — November 1917
Two essential documents from the objectors to the Watch Tower directions at the crossroads after Pastor Russell's death.

Last Volumes Edition — Evidence that the printing order for the 1917 edition of Studies in the Scriptures was placed by C.T. Russell with updates and his foreword dated October 1916, but delivered shortly after his death.

October 1916 Forewords — by Charles T. Russell.
Because Pastor Russell had sent the new forewords to the printer but the new Volumes with that foreword had not been received by January 1917, the Watch Tower distributed the printers sheet for those forewords that would be included in the new books when received. In the meantime Bible Students could fold and include these forewords in their earlier editions.
Large 20 meg PDF file. Allow time for download.

Revising and Revisions — Transcribing, modifying and revising original manuscripts led to many difficulties from ancient until modern times. Here are examples of how this has affected some publications. Materials posted here are from original sources.

Bible Student Biographies — 24 Sketches of memorable lives from former years
Each generation of Christians have been touched by former lives of noble and faithful examples who followed our master.
Arranged by the date of their death in the flesh.
Beginning with John Edger, who died in 1910 to Albert Hudson in 2000.

The Way to Paradise — William E. VanAmburgh, 1925. (A historical document, 40 illustrations)
This was offered as a children's book, but it covers deep subjects also for parents and adult consideration.
Published by the IBSA in 1925, this reflects substantial affirmation of the fundamentals of the Divine Plan
of the Ages maintained by some after the Death of Pastor Russell. These include the clear explanations that Adam will be resurrected (p.76), the Great Pyramid is a Biblical confirmation (p.156), New Covenant promises will begin with Natural Israel, first to the Jews (p.224).
Even so, we express a disclaimer regarding every expression and urge a discerning eye by the reader.
When Pastor Russell no longer managed the organization following his death, you will notice some subtle revisions and speculations. One regards other explanations for the Jubilees as noted on p.171 and 223 etc.
VanAmburgh Photos — A few images from Leslie family archives.

John Edgar — Medical history and testimony
Many know of his faith and personal history as found in Faith's Foundations, available at: www.PortlandBible.com
But few know of his medical profession and a testimony from the British Medical Journal recorded here.

R. H. Oleszynski — 1857 - 1930 A tribute to the late Polish Leader
Biographical and Souvenir Notes from the second General Re-Union Bible Students' Convention,
610 Arch Street, N.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. October 31, November 1-2, 1930

Conrad Binkele — 1867 - 1942 A European leader in times of change.
Pastor Russell appointed Brother Binkele the director of the European Tower offices in 1916. Brother Binkele shares lessons from his experiences after 1916 in a discourse delivered in Los Angeles about 1940. Documents and photos.

August Stahn — 1888 - 1945 His dedicated work in Poland and beyond.
His death in the Nordhausen concentration camp.

M. M. Jakubowski — 1925 - 2017 A personal Polish biography
Here is a humble Christian who never published his own story but who lived a remarkable life of faith, survival and service, now told by his daughter, Renata. Few are left of this generation that endured such hardships during the war and suffered for their faith.

Janina Fitz — 1918 - 2008 Poland, Siberia, Russia, Germany
Translated from the Polish Na Strazy 1995
Addendum added by Jerry Leslie from 1998 and 2002 visits.
Visit the Polish testimonial and graphics: https://dabhar.org/priv/zdjecia/nina/PogrzebNiny.htm

Thomas Stracy — 1884 - 1969 Yeovil England, Autobiography
A dedicated life and history of Bible Students in England. Phyllis Stracy composed the Addendum and also "Songs in the Night"

W. Norman Woodworth — 1891 - 1975
This is an autobiography of Norman Woodworth.
The Bible Student movement has taken many interesting avenues with remarkable experiences.

Anton Frey — July 1, 1895 - January 12, 1987
This autobiography of his early life would be well read while also listening to the recording in his own voice here:
Frey Autobiography — mp3 recording of the same

Mary Norby — 1893 - 1996 Autobiography by Sister Mary Norby
Pastor Russell gave her baptismal discourse in 1912 at the Pertle Springs Missouri convention.
Her many memories include discourses by Benjamin Barton, the Photo Drama work, World War I years, Watch Tower changes after 1916, Reunion conventions in the 1930s and more.

Gertrude W. Seibert — 1864 - 1926 Her history and work with "The Finished Mystery"
Her contributions include numerous poems and verse, compilation of the Daily Heavenly Manna, Epitome of the Faith and more.

William Strutt — 1825 - 1915
Painter of "Peace, a little child shall lead them" based on Isaiah 11:6.
The PDF file has a short history of his life, motivation, and death, followed by the painting so well known to Bible Students.
Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Strutt_(artist)

Isaac Newton — Theology, Prophecy, Science and Religion
At the end of the seventeenth century, Isaac Newton (1642-1727) initiated a revolution in science. At the end of the twentieth century, scholars began a revolution in the understanding of Newton. As Newton's long-concealed private papers on theology become increasingly accessible, students of Newton's thought are coming to see Newton as more than a scientist.

This website brings access to his academic papers (with some in pre-published form) that explore Newton's theology, prophetic views and the interaction between his science and his religion. These studies include substantial transcripts from Newton's unpublished theological manuscripts. Examine the resources indexed on the left of the home page.

Isaac Newton, Heretic? — The Strategies of a Nicodemite
This essay, published in the British Journal for the History of Science, details Newton's dissenting theology and his attempts to preach his antitrinitarian faith in secret.

Newton and Socinianism — "The One Supreme God"
This essay, published in Germany, explores the many analogies between Newton's heretical theology and that of the Polish Brethren, or Socinians (the leading antitrinitarian movement of the seventeenth century).

Publisher's of Newton's "Daniel and Revelation"
Background for reprinting Thomas Jefferson's copy